Ethiopia Eye Camp 2010

סרטון עבור Ethiopia Eye Camp 2010

Deep into the parched bush, far from any city, Ethiopia's lower Omo Valley is a lost world. At the nexus of Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan—a region traversed only by a few beaten tracks of dismal quality passable only in the dry season—some 15 semi- nomadic tribes inhabit a region roughly 3 times the size of the state of Israel. Much of this remote slice of Africa remains so tenaciously tribal that it has mostly rebuffed the modernizing efforts of the outside world. ***
At the end of 2009, Dr. Itay Ben-Zion, an eye-doctor who spent the pervious year living in Ethiopia, and Allon Hanania, a movie-maker, introduced the idea of an eye-camp to Morris Kahn. The fact that the eye-camp was intended for the Omo Valley, an area neglected of proper medical eye services, and the opportunity to make a significant change in the lives of the people living there, convinced Morris to make this project happen. 

Produced by: Moo-V Group
Director: Allon Hanania
הופק ע"י: מובי גרופ
בימוי: אלון חנניה